Sunday, June 16, 2024

About Us


The Summer Shopping Mall is a lifestyle and family shopping mall with a lively mix of retail and entertainment concepts and the best part is Summer Mall embraces the latest go Green concepts throughout the mall.  While maintaining over the quality and value offered, Summer Mall give a vibrant mix of services that surprise visitor such as providing wheel chair for the disabled, baby stroller for  family with small kids and affordable parking space (1,500).


Summer Mall blesses us with the flavourful and heavenly dishes coming from different backgrounds. The Mall offers well-known food and beverages brands outlets such as Secret Recipe, Sushi King, Chicago 7, Sugar Bun and KFC.


The mall offer retail outlets which includes iconic brands such as Lea Centre, F.O.S, Coneli Sports, Watson, XES Shoes and Pusat Pakaian Hari-Hari. The aim is to provide good quality products and to fulfill the needs of the crowd.  As for entertainment needs, Summer Mall offer an ultra-modern MM2 Cineplexes and Children Indoor Playground with a cozy hall and modern room.


The selected concourse area are always vivid and spacious, readily to cater any festive promotion, fair and events.  Besides, there are continuous activities and programs that are successfully organized, planned and handled to proudly welcome the visitors.


The Verano Food Court provides food and drinks stalls selling the best Malay and Western Cuisines, Roti Naan, Nasi Biryani, Ais Kacang, Crispy Chicken, Mee Kolok, Sup Gearboc, Juice bar. and many more  Dining in a cozy and enjoyable place is must for our customers and being our top priority to make sure customer needs and wants are fulfilled. 


Summer Mall organizing yearly event such as Blood Donation, Zumba, Program Fit Malaysia, Summer Mall Outdoor Bazaar and Summer Mall Run that can reduces stress and enable the Management Team, tenants and visitors to enjoy the events as well as to develop business relationship and partnerships.


In addition, not forgetting our modern and affordable Summer Suites Apartment which connected directly to The Summer Shopping Mall.